Completely Ready

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When you choose to work with Solution Innovators, you gain an information technology partner who is committed to putting your business onto a reliable computing infrastructure, providing you with carefully thought out online marketing and sales solutions, and crafting remarkable custom software solutions.  We believe you are best served when your IT company provides your organization with well-conceived, solid solutions that "just work."

We're glad you are giving thought to your business' technology readiness and considering solutions our company may be able to help you with.  But as people serving people, we also wonder if you have given thought to your own, personal readiness?

For example, what happens when sickness, accident or even violence come against you or a loved one? Watching the news for a half hour gives us plenty of reminders that every day, ordinary people living comfortable, quiet lives all over the world will suddenly face tragedy. It's wise to listen to these reminders and ask the ultimate questions they raise:


  • "How could this have happened?"
  • "Why did it have to happen to ___, s/he was such a good person?"
  • "Could this ever happen to me?"

Actually, that last question should be phrased, " When will this happen to me?"  While not everyone will suffer tragic, unforeseen death like the massacres we've seen nearby (e.g. Cheshire and Newtown, New York and Boston) and catastrophes we've seen farther away (e.g. Oklahoma, Louisiana, Haiti and the Philippines), none of us can escape the ultimate statistic that looms throughout our world: every one of us will eventually die.  An unpleasant fact, but one we need to plan for.  Which makes correctly answering the next set of questions incredibly important:

  • "Is this life all there is?"
  • "Is there really a heaven and a hell?"
  • "Is it possible to be completely ready, even for death?"

We believe it is possible to be 100% completely ready.

"Alright," you may be thinking, "now I've seen everything. An IT company preaching to me on heaven and hell?"

You're right, this is an unusual place for this topic to be discussed.

But consider: if there's even one chance in a million that heaven and hell are real, and that God has brought you to this website today for more information on this subject, do you owe it to yourself to read a little further and find out how to be sure you're "Completely Ready," going where you intend to go when you die? Furthermore, do you owe it to your loved ones to be knowledgeable enough on this subject to give them guidance on going where they intend to go when they die?

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