IT Support

Grow your business on a reliable IT foundation.

Does IT in your organization struggle from crisis to crisis? Our customers are amazed to discover how stable IT becomes with regular preventive maintenance, monitoring, off-site backups, and testing of your computers and servers. We realize that IT isn’t your core business… but it’s ours! Let Solution Innovators help you avoid IT crises and grow your business on a reliable IT foundation.

Proper functioning of your organization’s computers doesn’t end with one-time repairs or upgrades. Computers are complex machines that require knowledgeable technicians to manage them reliably. Your desktops, laptops, tablets, servers and network equipment are also facing constant attacks from the Internet, installing regular updates from software manufacturers, and occasionally have hardware failures that need to be repaired.


Solution Innovators offers two ongoing service options that help you keep your IT systems running smoothly for the long run: 


Hourly IT Support

With our hourly plan, you simply contact us when something breaks or if you have need of our advice, and we bill you for actual time worked. Our hourly service is founded on competitive rates, and we save you even more by operating on 6 minute (0.1 hour) increments. This lets you ask quick questions and get quick problems fixed without receiving a huge bill every time you request service.

Under the hourly arrangement, we don’t proactively work behind the scenes to keep your systems running smoothly, but wait for you to contact us.

In the occasional months where a major problem arises, your costs can get high as we devote many hours to addressing it. But often you can actively control your costs under an hourly support model by choosing how many services you request from us month-to-month.


Managed IT Service

By contrast, our Managed IT Service provides you a package of proactive and on-call IT support for your network, server and end-user computers to keep your machines running smoothly for a flat monthly price.

This option is frequently chosen by management teams because it offers:

  • Predictable IT service costs
  • High reliability
  • Regular system check-ups
  • Fewer service interruptions

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