Making technologies work to achieve your business dreams.

Serving the online marketing and IT needs of small businesses in central Connecticut and southern New England, Solution Innovators provides you with high-quality, dependable Information Technology services that make the computer and website systems you need in today's age work with remarkable ease and value. Our invitation to you is to see how, partnering together, your people and ours can lift your company higher using our solid technology solutions that help you achieve your business dreams.

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Small Businesses—Big Ambitions

Are you a small business owner whose company depends on computers working reliably, yet you wonder if there are smarter ways of doing business at lower cost? Are you the director of a nonprofit but can't update your own website, and struggle in frustration that the site's design gives clients and donors a shoddy first impression? Are you a sole proprietor whose computer just contracted a virus, and now you're kicking yourself for not making better backups of your data—yet wondering whom you can trust to safely clean up the mess and put you on the right track going forward?

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IT With Integrity

Our team has used modern technology to lift many dozens of businesses to new heights of performance and ease by being skilled technology experts who are also honest, friendly and patient people. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated when we're the customer, finding ways to maximize the value of every customer's IT investment. Please pay a visit to our testimonials page for an actual glimpse of what a fine IT experience looks like.

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Building Bridges

Clients love us for many reasons.  One of the biggest is that we deliver top-quality technology solutions for companies who don't want to become "computer geeks" and don't want to hear all that "gobbledy-gook" tech talk.  They love working with us year after year because (as they describe it) we are real people that they know and trust, and we build bridges that strategically connect their organizations to the world of technology.

Reach out  and let us know what challenges you face.  We look forward to delighting you.