Cloud Services

Move to the cloud—stress free.

Technology continues its rapid pace of change, and cloud computing is among the most significant changes that computing technology has ever seen. Solution Innovators knows intimately the value of traditional infrastructure and won't compel you to go to the cloud, but we are helping many wise business owners use cloud technology to squeeze more—sometimes a lot more—capability, flexibility, reliability and security out of their IT budgets than ever before. For years we’ve utilized and even developed new cloud capabilities, and we’ll share from our experience to teach you and help you to confidently maximize Cloud technology solutions for your business.

Solution Innovators offers the following cloud services:

Cloud Microsoft® Exchange

Our Cloud Microsoft Exchange service provides you with the popular and easy-to-use Microsoft Exchange business e-mail system. Exchange offers significant advantages over traditional POP and IMAP mail systems that allow your staff to:

  • Share company calendars, to do lists and contact lists.
  • Share personal calendars with one another and schedule meetings for one another. Use the world’s most advanced and user friendly webmail system to access e- mail, calendars, etc. from any computer.
  • Keep individual e-mail, calendars and contacts synchronized between smart phones and laptop / desktop computer(s).
  • Have a “remote wipe” command sent to a lost or stolen smart phone to destroy all information on it to minimize the chance that someone else could gain access to your important data.
  • Conveniently search for any e-mail message using a smart phone.
  • Share conference room calendars.

Cloud File Sharing

Our Cloud File Sharing service provides private and shared file storage in the cloud. It eliminates the need for a file server in your office, allowing your staff to work and collaborate securely with Office documents, photos and other files in an online repository. Unlike many cloud storage services designed for individuals, this service is built from the ground up with important business features like encryption (both for transmission over the Internet and for storage on our servers), support for both private and shared folders, and user- level access controls (e.g. so only management and bookkeepers can access financial reports).

Cloud File Sharing also enables you to access your files on the go from smart phones and tablets, so those important documents are always at your fingertips when meeting with clients, at an airport, or catching up on work at home.  It frequently eliminates the need for cumbersome VPN systems, enabling you and your company to get more done anytime, from anywhere.

Cloud Application Service

Does your company's home-office or highly-mobile workforce rely on the advanced features of software like QuickBooks, or on industry-specific applications?  Proven remote desktop technologies combined with today's reliable, high-speed Internet connections enable us to put your key business applications online from a secure, reliable data center — without having to buy a server and its supporting equipment, find office space, or subscribe to expensive Internet service to host it yourself

Cloud VoIP Phone Systems

The days of a small business needing to buy an expensive phone system just to equip its receptionist and staff with office phones is long gone.  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows your phones to communicate with a phone system "in the cloud" that you don't have to buy, power or insure.  VoIP phones operate over your computer network, meaning it's wise to have your experienced IT partners setup and manage it as part of a wholistic computer network, ensuring your phone calls are reliable and their sound quality is good.  Plus, VoIP technology is typically a lot cheaper than traditional telephone company service, meaning that, as with many cloud services, you can pay less for a whole lot more.

We partner with RingCentral®, one of the biggest and most respected cloud phone system providers, to give you a high quality, feature-rich phone system you can depend on.  Far beyond mere phones, your business can communicate with customers via SMS (TXT) messaging, hold video or phone conferences and sales presentations, secure online faxing, place and accept business calls on smart phones while on the go… There is a wonderful array of capabilities, and that's where, as your local technology partners, we can advise you on the options that would help you most — and get it all setup so you don't have to become a phone system do-it-yourselfer!

Cloud Managed Antivirus

Not all Antivirus software is the same. Some is bloated with bells and whistles that slow your computers down, thwarting productivity. Some is sold in retail packages and can’t synchronize between your computers, requiring you to keep track of multiple expiration dates, visit computers one-by-one for routine health checks, and manually renew every computer’s service every year.

Our Cloud-Managed Antivirus service is a centrally- managed system that configures, monitors and licenses our streamlined antivirus software on all of your computers. It is streamlined to keep your computer running quickly, while also providing highly effective protection to your computers and the network they run on.

It is managed from our servers in the cloud, meaning that even if you don’t have a server in your office, you can still relieve your antivirus headaches and take advantage of the benefits offered by a centrally-managed antivirus solution.

Cloud Backup Service

Our Cloud Backup Service provides reliable, inexpensive, backups of your desktop, laptop or server computers to a remote location via the Internet. These backups are done securely, encrypting your data both for transmission over the Internet and for long-term storage on our backup servers.  We even maintain a large number of versions of your backed up files, meaning your data can almost always be restored — whether you need to recover a file you saved minutes ago, or you need to retrieve an old copy of a file you changed months ago. We've been doing backup for decades, and thanks to continued advances in technology, this is the the safest backup system we've ever offered.

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