Who We Are

Solution Innovators was founded in 1999 by Jay van Achterberg. At that time Jay had been in the computer industry for 14 years doing software development, systems administration, website development and IT team management for companies that included Pratt & Whitney, IBM, and Apple. In all of these organizations, Jay witnessed how large organizations were managing their computers.

Having grown up in a family that ran a small business, Jay was intrigued by the challenge of applying these enterprise-class methods to small businesses to make their computing experience more reliable at a price point that they could afford. He found that most small businesses rely on technologies and practices that stem from how people manage computers at home. But home-user priorities like "cheap" and "fun" largely contradict the best interest of businesses where utility, reliability, and security are what solid value is based on. Jay began to bring these enterprise principles to small businesses and found they became more productive, gained happier employees, and even saved money.

Today Solution Innovators has nine people based in its South Windsor, Connecticut office. We serve dozens of clients and many hundreds of users throughout the greater Hartford area. The company provides network and helpdesk services, IT auditing, website design and custom programming.

Core Values

  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Wisdom
  • Honor
  • Joy

We invite you to call us at (860) 288-5353, or e-mail us at . Our company is here to serve your small business.