Happy customer at her computer

We are honored to have a wonderful crew of technical and back-office people working at Solution Innovators. In addition to being skilled in their respective fields, each person on our team truly enjoys the work he or she does for our clients and company, and their joy shows through in the things that our clients (both business owners and the end-users that work for them) tell us after working with the people on our team.

  • "Solution Innovators recently did a complete overhaul on our company’s websites. It was a complex and intensive undertaking in that we operate ten facilities and several major programs, most of which have their own sites or numerous pages per program. From there we have multiple pages per facility, galleries, tours, careers pages, testimonials and social media connectivity. Solution Innovators handled the whole mission and delivered a very impressive final product. I wanted something that was slick, vibrant and modern and that was heavy on look and feel. The goal was to create a certain vibe for the consumer/visitor that conveyed trust and an experience. This vision was fully delivered upon and I have received many compliments internally and externally on the sites. Beyond technical talent, Solution Innovators was also very easy to work with, responsive, friendly, accommodating and professional. They meshed well with another vendor involved with the process. In previous jobs I have worked with other similar companies, but SI is the best. In many industries you cannot afford to get your website wrong and you can’t have your vision not adequately built, because sacrificing the final product has lasting effects on the bottom line. I can say the Solution Innovators team gets it right."
    Dave, VP of Business Development • June 2017

  • "Solution Innovators designed our new donor website, and I could not be happier with it. The site itself is gorgeous, easy to navigate, and is perfect for helping our donors and supporters feel connected to the mission. More importantly, working with our team at Solution Innovators was a pleasure. They did a great job of gathering information about our work. Because they truly understood the purpose of the site, as well as our organization’s mission, they were able to create a design that was perfect for us. They provided us with a clear timeline of the work so we knew exactly what to expect. In fact, they finished ahead of schedule. Communication was great and they were a delight to work with. I am very excited about our new site and would certainly recommend Solution Innovators to anyone looking for a new website."
    Rachel, Director of Nonprofit • October 2016

  • "Our company was looking to upgrade our existing computers, server, and website. Solution Innovators was able to put together a plan to upgrade our company’s computers, server, and website. The upgrades were completed in a timely manner and the transition from our old system to the new was seamless. They also created a new website that is original and contemporary. Solution Innovators has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them to anyone looking for IT support or web design."
    Mark, Owner

  • "Solution Innovators accurately interpreted what I dreamed, and made it reality. Their website designer helped me with the learning curve in terms of grasping the project logistics and work flow. These websites are everything I wanted them to be."
    Rebecca, VP of Marketing

  • "The Solution Innovators technician took care of my problem, in literally less than 30 seconds once he logged on to my computer, and that was after I spent 3-4 hours trying to figure it out on my own! It reminded me that I see this same thing happen as I help clients my own business. Experts know what they are doing, and I thank you once again."
    Girish, Business Owner

  • "Looking back, our decision to hire Solution Innovators was a smart move. The firm has consistently performed at a high satisfaction level for many years. We plan to continue to use Solution Innovators for IT consulting. They are passionate about getting the job right."
    Michael, CFO

  • "Solution Innovators never minimizes an issue and is never condescending to us non-techies. They are courteous, efficient, and good listeners. They are acutely interested in our deadlines, and juggle their schedules to fix our problems amazingly fast."
    Joann, Office Manager

  • "Solution Innovators is very knowledgeable and helpful in evaluating our IT systems. They are dependable and trustworthy. They show high integrity when asked to perform a specific project or manage day-to-day IT issues. We trust their recommendations, proposed solutions, and pricing quotes. We never feel like their team has any hidden agendas. Their service is outstanding."
    Chris, CEO

  • "I just received a call from the employee of a competitor. He wants to interview with us because of the website. No lie. He said, “I was on your website and was blown away. It is phenomenal. Absolutely fabulous. Head and shoulders above any other company website I’ve ever seen in our industry. Really. So well organized. If that’s a reflection of how you guys are as a business, well, I’m looking to improve myself and be a part of something like that.” And – we already received a job because of our website. He had a list of 5 competitors and went with us because of the website. Outstanding!!!"
    Eric, CEO, 4 weeks after Solution Innovators redesigned his company's website

  • "It is not only the help that is appreciated, but your concern for making sure we are able to do business. Your service continues to be exemplary and for that we are grateful."
    Sue, Business Owner

  • "“… As I click through the various functions of [the custom-coded system that Solution Innovators built] in order to accurately describe them in the manual, I’m constantly reminded of what an incredible job you’ve done on this product. In particular, I just can’t get over the brilliant look and functionality of the entry portal and the interface. As I’m writing the user instructions, I’m also noticing a lot of the nuances that I personally wouldn’t have considered during the development stage, but you built them into the system in a way that is much more user-friendly than other web-based applications…That’s just one of many examples of how you went the extra mile to think about important subtleties in the user experience. And to be clear: all of aspects of [the system] looks great to me, not just the most recent development projects. But the fact is [it has] completely blown my mind. It is rare that someone can give another person a creative vision and have the product actually turn out better than the vision. But that is what has happened here, and I don’t take it for granted. Thanks again!”"
    Jonathan, President

  • "Great service! All my problems are always solved without any question, be it something simple or the total restore of my system after my hard drive crashed. Thanks!"
    Anonymous, End User

  • "The Solution Innovators team has been honest, prompt and professional, and they solve our IT problems. What sets Solution Innovators apart from competitors is that they provide proactive advice and make themselves intimately familiar with our needs and habits as end users."
    Christopher, Business Owner